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    Ceramic capacitors of middle-high voltage

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    Characteristics Scope of application
    Above DC3KV ● High temperature load: 125 ° C, 1000 hours
    ● Moisture resistance load: 40 ° C, 90% ~ 95% RH, 500 hours
    ● Temperature cycle: -40 ° C ~ +125 ° C, 5 cycles
    ● Multiple temperature levels, high current climb rate
    ● Wear-resistant DC high voltage eliminates high frequency interference
    ● Outer packaging resin material: halogen-free epoxy resin
    1.For filtering, low pulse lines
    2.For high voltage DC power supply
    3.Used in a variety of other instrumentation, high voltage electronics and related control areas
    4.Suitable for high current loop non-inductive structure
    5.High voltage bypass and coupling circuit for use in electronic equipment

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